I am a Computing Enginner by the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón (1996) and  PhD  by the University of Oviedo (2001). Currently, I am a Profesor Titular de Universidad (Associate Professor) at the Electrical Enginnering Department of the University of Oviedo.

My teaching is focussed on automation, feedback control, pattern recognition and machine learning. I have been involved in subjects in bachelor and master degrees of several engineering disciplines (mechanical, electronic, electrical, telecommunications and informatics). Also, from its initial conception, I have been involved in the Máster en Ingeniería de Automatización e Informática Industrial por la Universidad de Oviedo (currently I am the academic coordinator).

My research is focussed on computational intelligence. At the beginning, I was trying to solve many different problems at the manufacturing industry with such techniques (mainly from the steel industry). Anyway, I started very soon with some collaborations in the field of Intelligent Environments and Robotics, where I had the opportunity to join the Intelligent Inhbited Environments Group of the University of Essex during a short stay as an invited Researcher, and the Multisensors Systems and Robotics Lab of the University of Oviedo, where I presently continue my research. I have been involved in many local-, national- and international-funded research projects both as a collaborator and as the scientific coordinator.

Nowadays I am specially interesed in the Human-Machine Cognitive Collaboration by means of Physiological Computing and every promising application of body-worn sensors for the ambulatory recognition of human physical activity and behavior.